We are excited to be offering 4 events for your Martial Arts pleasure.

Combat Sports Jujitsu

This rule set allows for any martial arts style to compete fairly against other styles and show their martial arts skills in a healthy and fair competition.

Participation classes are divided by age, weight, rank, and time in training; this is done to provide the fairest possible format for juniors and cadet participants.

Contests consist of 2 rounds of continuous action fighting, with a break between rounds.

Points are scored with strikes and kicks, as well as legally authorized throwing techniques; throwing technique reversals, and control holding techniques.

Submissions are LEGAL for groups ages 12 years and older.

Click here to download the PDF CSJJ Sparring Rules Summary

Forms / Kata

This is a Traditional Forms Division. No music, acrobatics, or gymnastics are allowed.
Click here to download the Forms/Kata Rules Summary PDF

Duo / Team Self-Defense

Self-Defense/Duo is a competition division in which a pair of Martial Arts athletes from the same team, show possible self-defense techniques against a series of attacks, to cover the following typologies:
**NOTE: Either member of the team may attack or defend at any given time

  1. Grips – grip attacks (grips with the hand to defender’s body or uniform)
  2. Restraints – embrace attacks (or strangulations)
  3. Strikes – striking attacks of any kind (punch or kick)
  4. Weapons – armed attacks using traditional, modern, or improvised weapons (stick, knife, sword, staff etc…)

Click here to download the Self-Defense Rules Summary PDF

Point Sparring

This is a traditional Point Sparring division

Light contact to the headgear is acceptable in all rank and age divisions. Face shields are part of headgear.

Students from the same school will be separated in the first round if possible.

All techniques are one point.

Under belt matches are 3 points

Black Belt matches are 5 points.

Click here to download the Point Sparring Rules Summary PDF

Complete Official Rules and Regulations

We look forward to having you compete in the Twin Tiers Martial Arts Championship!

Click Here to Download PDF of Complete 2023 ASJL Rules and Regulations