“This is an OPEN Martial Arts tournament! All schools and all styles are welcome.”


8:00 am – Doors & Registration Open
9:00 am – Blackbelt Meeting
9:30 am – Competitor Meeting
10:00 am – Tournament Starts

5 Events to Compete in:

Sport Jujitsu
Point Sparring
Open Hand Kata/Forms
Weapons Kata/Forms

Registration now at the Door Only

Pre-Registration is now closed. You can register and pay at the door.
Cash or Credit Card only.

TTMAC is a great opportunity to grow in your martial arts journey whether you are a beginner or a seasoned martial artist. It is our sincere hope that this is a positive and educational experience for all involved. We look forward to having you compete in the Twin Tiers Martial Arts Championship! OSS!

Sponsors & Vendors

Sponsors and vendors allow us to keep registration fees down so more people can experience the joy of competition. This is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to support a local event.

The TTMAC attracts local, regional, and national competitors and spectators of all ages to show their martial arts skills in healthy and fair competition.

Grand Champion Sponsors

Events & Rules

Here are the Events and the Rules for the Tournament. The competition rules and regulations for the TTMAC have been designed around the safety of the competitors and efficiency for all involved.

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