Twin Tiers Martial Arts Championship - Divisions


We have 263 divisions* for you and your children to participate in. Each division will have medals for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place. Email Shawnie to Inquire about Handi-capable divisions.

Six (6) Grand Champions

  • Youth (Advanced & Blackbelt) forms
  • Youth (Advanced & Blackbelt) weapons
  • Adult (Advanced & Blackbelt) forms
  • Century Adult (Advanced & Blackbelt) weapons
  • Men’s (Blackbelt) point sparring
  • Women's (Blackbelt) point sparring

Cash, and great prizes for each champion.


Rules have been designed around the safety of competitors and efficiency for all involved.


  • Traditional and open weapon competitors will perform and be scored separately.
  • Competitors in traditional weapons are not permitted to release the weapon or perform any gymnastic tricking.
  • All weapons, weight or size are permitted, only unsafe weapons will be disqualified from the competition. The competitor will have 2 minutes to find a safe replacement. Any modified weapon must be used in open divisions only and be present for inspection. Any weapon found structurally deficient will not be allowed.
  • Any black belt competitor who drops their weapon will bow out respectfully and receive a no score. Underbelts may ask for a restart with a point deduction.
  • If a weapon breaks and the competitor continues with the form without pause scoring should be given to reflect. If they stop then it is a DQ.


  • Traditional and open style forms will be separate divisions. No acrobatics or gymnastics are allowed in traditional forms divisions.


  • Competitors are required to wear head, foot, hand and mouth protection. Males must have groin protection. Mouthpieces are required regardless of face shields.
  • Light contact to the headgear is acceptable in all rank and age divisions. Face shields are part of headgear.
  • Competitors can receive two warnings per fight for any reason, upon third incident the fighter will be disqualified.
  • Contact to illegal targets will result in a warning. Those areas include face (non-accidental), groin, spine, and neck.
  • Underbelt: 6 years and under 3pt. / 7 years and up 5pt. All techniques are one point.
  • Black Belt: matches are five points. All techniques are one point.
  • Students from the same school will be separated in the first round if possible.
  • Once a bracket begins it is closed, no late entries.
  • Head referee will have authority to make decisions on a case by case basis.
  • No sweeps or takedowns allowed.


  • Coaching is allowed in sparring divisions.
  • Coaches must have a pass and be in designated areas.
  • One coach per fighter. Anyone not able to act professionally will be asked to leave the ring.


  • Team demos can be no longer than five minutes.
  • Small Team – 6 members or less. Large Team 7-20 members.
  • Team Demos may include music, weapon, open hand, traditional, dance, gymnastics, breaking and self-defense. This division is scored on martial arts entertainment.


  • All competitors will be scored at conclusion of division
  • All scoring will be done on the supplied flip cards.

Print the TTMAC Tournament Rules

Two Ways to Register

Register early to get the best pricing. The Pre-Registration deadline is January 25th, 2019.